Traditional Japanese Healing Arts

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Traditional Japanese healing arts have been used for centuries as a complete system of medicine to address the root cause of disease, restore balance and maintain optimum health. These ancient arts include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and shiatsu, as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations.

When applied correctly, these methods work as well today as they did 1,000 years ago to stimulate the body's own natural healing potential. This style of treatment is comfortable, safe and without harmful side effects. During treatment, most people experience an overall sense of relaxation and well being.

Traditional Japanese healing arts can be used to treat a wide range of disorders, including:

• Acute or Chronic Pain
• Chronic Fatigue/ Fibromyalgia
• Depression / Anxiety
• Drug / Alcohol / Cigarette Addiction
• Gynecological / PMS
• Headaches, Neck and Back Pain

• Hemorrhoids
• Insomnia
• IBS / Colitis
• Poor Digestion
• Respiratory Disorders
• Sexual Dysfunction

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