Traditional Japanese Healing Arts Acupuncture

Acupuncture on mid and lower back.

Japanese Acupuncture on Kauai

Acupuncture is based on the classical Chinese theory that the body, mind and spirit are made up of different forms of Life-energy, or "qi", combined with the five elements. This "qi" energy nourishes the body and maintains proper health through a complex network of channels or meridians. When the "qi" energy is balanced in a particular way, we enjoy good health and a positive attitude. Disease occurs when we fall out of balance due to stress, negative emotions, improper diet, insufficient rest, environmental toxins or seasonal changes.

Acupuncture evolved in China during the first century A. D. as a method to stimulate and regulate the flow of "qi" by means of needles which are inserted at specific points along the meridians. Today, we use sterile, disposable needles which are extremely thin. When applied by a trained practitioner, acupuncture is extremely safe and painless.


Acupuncture on the hand.

Japanese acupuncture shares the same underlying medical theory but differs from the Chinese style in application and technique. In Japanese style we believe that the body's most responsive "qi" lies on, or just beneath, the skin surface. From this perspective, it is unnecessary to needle deeply or to produce a strong needle sensation. Also, in Japanese acupuncture thinner needles and fewer needles are used in a typical treatment. In short, Japanese style follows the premise that "less is more". It is only necessary to offer a gentle reminder and the body's own healing abilities will do the rest.

Japanese style acupuncture is an effective alternative treatment for a wide range of disorders such as headaches, depression, chronic pain, back pain, insomnia and problems with digestion, just to name a few.

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